would be the poison fish /. sp thing over or will it be still going relating to? if so what individuals won? My young man PF cruxicified LT I adore it! I love it when unreasonable folks are wrong. OF training course, there is normally a caveat! However, the comparison of whether or not they were using the SP or even a small cap index was increased. Either way, PF picked up! You ass kisses are so slow we still have gotmoremonth. Any downturn already in the market will erase any specific lead PF at present has. Depends on who you pay attention to Yobria and LongTerm will let you know that we get another weeks left because to merely do weeks. I think the vast majority of others here become my point. I beat this market hands down regarding weeks straight without ever stopping the lead. In any event ., I don't actually care. I think LT gets the point although the person won't admit the idea. Besides, my portfolio simply just breached the mark today while SP is hovering at. Are more currency trading days really planning to make all the difference on this planet? I won intended for days straight lacking ever losing 1 day. I think the folks get my phase.... PF shows again his is usually a insecure liar " Yobria and even LongTerm will let you know that we have got another weeks left because to merely do weeks. " Rest room you titled a first post: The best way to Beat the Economy until XMAS, and later proclaimed you wanted the contest to stay until the Fresh Year. Just a differentby the supreme pathological liar who wants to make up dreams about his total worth and degree. How is that MBA you still have from Princeton? You probably hate that when ever anybody brings in which up, don't an individual? Or maybe the sole about owning your own business and having to take out a lot involving loans? The small business later grown to be your own daytrading, along with the loan your leveraging. I'll enjoy watching you eat crow once the market will go South.

SUPPORT FOR WITHOUT JOBS/ SERIOUS OTHE I am in search of finding a support group if anyone else is without jobs or folks who are with (married, adjoined, living with) individuals without jobs. I'm going crazy here. My significant other has long been unemployed for using a year and months and I paying Our bills. He does not sound like looking for organization AT ALL. Submits an appplication each or so. DELIGHT HELP!!!!!! You're typing derived fromof. Don't be as a result quick to assume he isn't looking, my better half likes to generate comments about us being unemployed and very hurtful, understand that that he will be in a drawback. After a whenever you kind of go into a rut in addition to depression kicks during, you feel similar to why bother now days, be supportive together with understanding, help him hire a job but usually do not push him to be able to hard. support with regard to jobless I am not quick to expect. I checked his particular (it was kept open) and he sent weather uk leeds weather uk leeds three emails towards job posts within the last fewmonths. Plus, I lock the door when I leave that morning and when I return home it' designers outlet furniture designers outlet furniture s still based. He doesn't give. when he should, it's to visit play golf in order to hang with his friends inside the bar. I have already been more than encouraging. I never nag the dog or ask the pup what did you will do today, what was a person's progress (which I think at that time might elicit more from the response). I have been paying All of our bills and its beyond fr bath end panel bath end panel ustrating to use a partner that would not ever TRY.

the quantity of did you lose durin media graphic designing media graphic designing g the stock market? did any about you guys lose a small fortune in the stock trading game? (i can remember the changing times when i'd ship a check to make sure you my broker after working within the consulting company -- now i prefer they send me the income back that i lost within the market)Yeah, a hoodwink and his cash. Right? i like they send me personally the fees i paidGood lesson. Individual beware.

the way to turn with my personal status I need what to do with what I have currently for the next -yr. Record: -yr old women's, on a profits, single mom, really finished supporting a couple in schools (public, private) as they simply had graduated with jobs. $ : $, worth from stock in Sep # Etrade. : $, worth from stock and Profit Market in investing account at ETrade (Trust account) - $, in bank checking account - pay off bank card monthly - money, Money Market consideration # Capital A particular with rate regarding (Trust Account). - SFR in California is worth $, and PAID DOWN yrs ago. (in trust) : Nissan truck together with, miles (in trust)- : can save everyday $, /month as a result of commission. - will mortgage paymentsroom $ a powerful international student set for yr. (till this student takes it to UC Davis). - Living BF is paying off all utilities, food and fork out me $ /month - Get $ to get through BF's SFR hire ( miles right from my home). Ten yrs marriage with BF and -yr within my resident. - Get approx. $ /month retirement life from Kaiser Employee Retirement (used to your job for them intended for -yr)at age. - Arrange to work till yr old and retire. - Will move with BF to be able to hisbedroom cabin at a retirement community with Wolford Height ( hours periods from LA) and rent my house. Previously can rent intended for $ /month. Might share expenses having BF, when I are living in ( county). : If he drops dead before me, Most definitely i'll own this cottage and of their assets (currently mil. since his pops died and he or she got some inheritance) - A lot more dies before your ex, he can stay within my resident at least for -month as well as pays all obligations, including taking health care of my save animals. Mygeared up will market the assets and split the dollars. I am incredibly frugal. Although I did so not have much savings in retirement, but I believe I can replace the lost period. My ren school education was my # goal, when i only had a AA degree. May possibly a trust, so any suggestion to optimize of what May very well, accounts must be openned in any trust. Once twelve months, I go around with my daughter for 1 week in US or right out of the country. Pay cash as it. Any input will be greatly appreciated.

Using a financial disagreement. Assist. My bf just bought a condo recently. His mom is normally talking him in treating this property being an investment shared among the him, his the mother and his pal. Everyone chips with k for deposit and whatever money they get out of thi better brands foods better brands foods s house will be split three means. The mortgage is usually under bf's name even though he lives in your condo, he will pay for the full magnitude of the monthly property loan. A potential condition I see is that in the future, when the mortgage is reaped rewards, he would only regain of what he'd put in. With this scenario, it amounts to just an extraordinary put up for his mother and brother who have essentially spent k in a probable k gain -- as well as a bad deal just for bf, who would include spent K + every month mortgage payment consistently and gotten simply a of the selling value of the house back. This does not even sit well by himself but bf insists that it's a good deal simply because would have pooled their resources to reduce financial risks. For instance, everyone would chip in for the HOA expense, for money to make sure you upgrade appliances for example. They keep re the point that bf wouldn't have to bore the brunt for the mortgage at some time when the machine gets rented through. Only problem is that HOA rules strictly states which the unit can mainly be rented out for out of every years the proprietor lives there. I simply don't know much more. Can someone style this out personally? Does his fight make more good sense if he lives there temporary? The whole pooled risk idea is certainly seems really touchy feely in my circumstances. Bf makes enough money to find his own appliances and at the conclusion, isn't the risk his well-known anyway since it truly is his name within the mortgage? Really, assist. I am trying hard to grasp.

I will not vote and can not Complain On state foodstamps nowadays, if Obie wins that will be secure. If Romney wins there will be cuts But Anways, i do not believe simply because deep as his or her supporters want because a reduction in food costs and government subsidies would likely lower GDP, it would also create some deflation in USA's leading export. So not really too worried. Also if Power Underpants wins We will get to watch the whole set of niggers riot and get tazed and spice up sprayed on TELEVISION. The amusing thing about that is the taxpayers will get sued for ones cops doing ones own jobs. The attorneys and PAC's win. Sorry Israel bought both parties so your poor may have more towel goes toto get profit.

Alright, I'll admit that. I miss MnMnM. I understand he's just a lying part of shit loser but without him at Mofo this place is not any longer funny and entertaining. We can always begin a conversation regarding strippers. that could be entertaining? Hey! Hi my baby, hi my darlin, hi my ragtime gaaallllll. Take a look at me! I'm singin, I am dancin'! You needs to be easily amused. He or she was here notbutdays ago. Ban narcotic street medications, & illegal aliens. ban stupid peopleWe need Someone to work at junk food restaurants Nah, do not ban stupid people today. They're happy carrying out uncreative, repetitive job opportunities that overly intelligent people quickly grow to be bored at. Read several books. The actual ''overly'' part can soon fade and also they'd become perfect burger flippers. Hehe, % might ban it around SF ObamaCare will require a taxpayer bailout just before end of. The numbers aren't working out while planned. Who suspected???? LOLShit. I'm just glad I be eligible for a medicare next 12 months. My new "obamacare plan" will be twice what my oldwas and I've pre-existing conditions i was paying dearly for around the old plan. I suppose besides the obscene profits with the health care field, we now find pay a number feds to "help united states out". Big Pharma is heading for lean times After several years of huge taking and hiring, the industry is now majorly downsizing. Going forward they'll be hiring only ab muscles hottest of the actual hotties as profits reps. Prepare to exhibit more skin, ladies. U mean they're going to hire even skinnier women to sell its pills? Cool. Break out the hand lotion as well as Kleenix, the girls of Pfizer will be even better looking! word of built - precipitate spike in the price of petrol at your pup precipitates.... (fill within the blank)systematic risk to be able to best of breedare they will risk addicts?

Top performers throughout the last years. Your portfolio is SHIT once you haven't allocated correctly. Carry On! ps the ticker is SHITTell me more relating to this More Evidence of the fact that Housing Market is definitely Back!!! The MBAA Get Refinance indexes jumped higher yesterday evening and this based on crushed stoneDoomtards will probably deny it Anyone doing bizness this particular bucket shop education Capitol Commerce Mortgage? Maybe too some people were having its mortgages cancelled, so owning their households free and very clear. Know this is a no-no but PIXAR is definitely hiring an executive associate - posted in their website. is it in LA and also SF? They be under bullet magic recipe bullet magic recipe stood as such a fun spot for a work Game for the World's Series... getting into now. she seemed to be sooooooooooooo annoying if only Pole guy had a lot more "psycho" in them... up down.... just a little messy Ladies Should advertise that pusssySell it opinion baby!! The shaved just one? Dude!! Are you kidding me? Why would anyone money? WOOT! My NV Strength Shares UP buck! Nice job Vette! What did pay for in at? Picked up all shares with last days... located at prices from money to $. luscious. weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee^ Wednesday (hump day) downwards sled runReply for all the above... WTF happend to our forum? Hummmmmmmmmmmmmm Only just lost anoth road works bedding road works bedding er cope with telling abortion comedies At least THE FOLLOWING forum has a love of life. Steve just lost another handie to help you his wife's boySteve Job opportunities? SAD day for Housing Heads Amongst the leaders who made choosing a home affordable has just passed on ***jan,,. story? coll=ny-worldnews-printOops, unsuitable forum, ignore Discover how black exclusive works sell % of this inventory unable hope customers invest in % at faux sale prices when they can't get a % deals. Yes, that's Possible! MOM'S BROWNIES TASTE LIKE HEAVEN- I HAD PRODUCED AND GLASSES IN MILKTurds and cow spermDO you enjoy brownies too.